Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Run, '09

Ok. So I hate to post something recent when there are so many cool stories from the in-between that I have yet to post, but I actually have this pic on my computer, whereas I am still waiting for some other ones.

Brent James had to work, poor fellow.

Charley finished her first ever 5k, and thus is the jolliest winner of the day.

You may observe Mark's leg in the left portion of the photo.

And I, I hoisted my belly as a bowl full of jelly around downtown Provo for 58 minutes last Saturday morning. Don't tell ME there's no Santa. I saw 200 of 'em!


becky bunnell said...

love it! well done. are you sore?

Jessica said...

Best. Thing. Ever.

Rebecca Ann said...

you look ridiculous.

Ally Kay said...

Shut Up. That is the coolest picture I've ever seen. Time to change your peeping tom through a cave facebook profile pic to that one! Ha!