Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Times and Seasons

Life changes fast.

High school.
Freshman year. AKA Snow Hall
Brent leaves.
Sophomore year. AKA The Colony
Junior year. AKA 1/2 Year at Stadium Terrace AKA Prison
Summer from "Dating H-E- double hockey sticks"
Dating, Engagement.

Each of these seasons in my life had highs and lows. Regrettably, I succumbed to the lows more than I should have. If I could have kept my head up, and endured it well, I would've realized that whatever situation I was in, it wouldn't last long, it would somehow shift, and soon, and I should just make the best of it. Some things went according to plan and some didn't. But I love where it's taken me. Lesson learned.

This is the foreseeable plan. The times and seasons coming up in the near to immediate future. Let's see if I REALLY learned my lesson.

New Year.
Back to Utah.

Ha ha ha ha, I'm totally not eavesdropping but let me tell you a funny sentence I just heard, "I'd rather be married as many times as I've been married, than be single as long as you've been single." Funny though it is, I'm inclined to disagree with the sentiment.


Rebecca Ann said...

Seems like I was present for every other major life event, the way you have mapped it out.

Be seeing you soon.

Carrie said...

Where will you be in California? We're going to be in Cupertino (Northern CA) this summer! Can we be friends?

Ally Kay said...

Way glad I got to be apart of the coolest season on your list. Viva Espana. Love ya, Sandi.