Sunday, February 21, 2010

51st.... and last.... post

Farewell to the Sandi Beach. No more Sand in your eyes!

We had a good run. But I'm following cue from my fellow bloggers and starting a family blog. It's not all about me, you know.

You can now turn to for all your Sandi needs.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Settling In

Settling in = less interesting stuff = shorter blogs.

Brent is still working hard at school, as fast as the internet here will let him. We are still looking online and in the classifieds for jobs, we might just start doing plasma. I went to a job interview, but the place was horrible, the man I would be working for was yelling, and there were 10 girls ahead of me... so we left.

We got to go to the temple again this week, that was wonderful. We found out that movies are only 5 bucks on Tuesday (which is good, cause matinee tickets are 8.50 and regular are 11). We can walk to the mall (and theater) in about 5 minutes. Less time than it takes us to drive in Utah.

I'm already 1/4 done with my hours at the Egoscue clinic!

And in less productive news... we finished watching Season 1 of Heroes.

Pics to come... internet is too slow right now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Mutual Realization

Brent and I have been living it up. We eat. We sleep. We eat. We watch Simpson's .We watch Heroes (Season 1 DVD). We watch movies. We eat. We make cookies. We sleep.

And upon trying to remove our wedding rings the other day to shower, we realized something.

Either metal shrinks in lower altitudes... or we're getting fatter.


Even Brent.