Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Myself and Shauna, exploring along on oceanside trail

Nothing says family vacation like piling into the back of a minivan

Here I am trying my hand at deep sea fishing.
I can't believe I had time to stop and pose for this picture, you know, between the four hour boat ride and not catching a single thing.....I was pretty busy.

"The Bat"
In case we caught something that I couldn't beat to death with my own two hands.

The trip consisted of:

-Late night visits to the hotel fitness center
-Early mornings with a way too energetic Shauna
-Reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown to get caught up
before the movie comes out
-Making purchases at Costco of course,
including the ultimate Costco dog. The hot dog.
-Teriyaki pineapple burgers and coconut shrimp
-Aloe vera lotion and lots of it
-Snorkeling, snorkeling and more snorkeling
-Walking under waterfalls
-Jumping off of solid ground, swinging on a rope
and plunging into the water
-Cruising around the Na Pali coast on the Zodiac with Captain Joe
-Taking pictures
-Long plane rides

That's about it....until next time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aloha HOY!

I definitely should have blogged more and captured more experiences from Spain, but I didn't. And I'm not going to sum it all up now. Maybe later. Moving right along.

I'm starting my day in Orem, Utah, wearing my favorite PJ combo of boxers and a T, eating a bowl of HONEY NUT Cheerios. How will I end it? I don't really know. But I'll be in Hawaii.

My mom just graduated with her Master's degree (woo hoo!) and we are going to Kuaui (spelling?) for a week to celebrate. Celebrate on the beach, celebrate on a hike, celebrate on a pineapple, celebrate on a snorkel get the picture.

So that's all for now, I mean, I have a plane ride to catch. I wish you could've come, anyone. My sister is bringing her boyfriend, my brother is bringing his best friend and as said sister so lovingly put it, I "have no one". But! Do you really need someone when you're in Hawaii? I mean, come on, I'll have 2 pina coladas, one for each hand.

I just haven't blogged in a while, and it's May, and I felt the need to put something up. Even without a photo. Who knows, maybe something interesting will happen on my trip and I can post about that. Like if I get bit by a jelly fish and have to be peed on.

You. I would pee on your sting wound if you came, you know. Hasta lasagna.