Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cataract Canyon 2-Day Express

At times the home of the biggest whitewater rapids in North America, Cataract Canyon boasts such horrors as Capsize, Satan's Gut, Big Drops 1, 2 and 3 and more.
Rapids aren't the only highlight of a CAT trip. The night sky, the food, the swimming, the guides and passengers, the interp, the CANYON. These all combine together for the experience of a lifetime.

Add a little fishing and you're pretty much set. Good thing I had Rebecca to hold the broken pole.

We experience new things everyday and hopefully we learn from them. On this trip, I learned it's no simple thing to hold a 7,000 pound boat to shore while fighting the current. I learned not to pull a backwards sweater off whilst in a cot. Although I already knew this, I learned in a practical application that your friends will always have your back when you need it, maybe even just a bit longer. I learned it's better to remember to say things in the moment, it's never quite as good on speakerphone.
Weilers, you rock the boat. That's a good thing. And this one's for you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bridge to Bridge

Old guides call it the 2 day 1 day, new guides are calling it the daily double. Either way, we put in at Dewey Bridge, raft to Onion Creek and set up camp, and the next day we raft to the Moab bridge. We do our daily stretch, but break it into two days. Holy smokes, the food is so good! If you are looking to gain weight, hop on a Western River Expeditions trip. We will set up your camp, cook your food, and do your groover duty! (not to be confused with your groover doodie, but closely related)

One important thing is to stay out of the tammies by the shore. You can see they're close, but I steered clear!

All that matters, though, is that it's June 14, and I'm finally starting to look a little like a river guide!