Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Myself and Shauna, exploring along on oceanside trail

Nothing says family vacation like piling into the back of a minivan

Here I am trying my hand at deep sea fishing.
I can't believe I had time to stop and pose for this picture, you know, between the four hour boat ride and not catching a single thing.....I was pretty busy.

"The Bat"
In case we caught something that I couldn't beat to death with my own two hands.

The trip consisted of:

-Late night visits to the hotel fitness center
-Early mornings with a way too energetic Shauna
-Reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown to get caught up
before the movie comes out
-Making purchases at Costco of course,
including the ultimate Costco dog. The hot dog.
-Teriyaki pineapple burgers and coconut shrimp
-Aloe vera lotion and lots of it
-Snorkeling, snorkeling and more snorkeling
-Walking under waterfalls
-Jumping off of solid ground, swinging on a rope
and plunging into the water
-Cruising around the Na Pali coast on the Zodiac with Captain Joe
-Taking pictures
-Long plane rides

That's about it....until next time.


jOrD aNd MaNdEe-Jo said...

next trip....MAGRATH!!

Ally Kay said...

Looks like a blast! You're a hilarious writer. Just post your madrid walks for the catch up posting on spain... ha ha. love ya sandra d.

becky bunnell said...

thanks for posting! it was fun to hear about your vacation. I am super jealous.

Collette said...

great post Sandi:)

Abby Marie said...

well I love you. I'm going to serve a mission so if you ever want to see me again you better hang out with me sometime soon. I plan to be gone by the end of the summer. I think you have something exciting and nerve racking coming up in your life. (i just felt like a fortune cookie). Read my latest blog post, (about the unibrow) you'll appreciate it.