Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tradition...kind of

I have this friend I do this thing with.

Friend: Rebecca
Thing: Go to Utah temples

We are the differentest samest people I know.

We're both hilarious, for one.
We're proud fans of Cougars, scooters, and missionaries.
We're Utah girls. We raft, we hike, we camp, we fish.
We like swiss chicken. (That doesn't even count, everyone likes swiss chicken)

She's blond, I'm brown.
She's focused, I'm scatterbrained.
She's logical, I'm emotional.

Ha ha, blond, focused and logical, she's out of the ordinary.

And although I'm eating a Rebecca food at the moment, carrot sticks, I'm planning on devouring a Sandra food in a couple minutes, white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. Freakin yum.

Anywho, we both believe in documentation. Hence, this blog post. I hereby document the June 3rd visit of Sandra and Rebecca to the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple open house, in which said persons skipped the orientation video, oo'ed and aw'ed at the pretty-ness inside the temple, and then enjoyed cookies and water in a nearby "tent" that could double as a prom or wedding or bar mitzvah location.

I'm not sure I spelled macadamia or bar mitzvah correctly, and although Rebecca might be the kind of person to look that up before publishing, I am Sandra.


Rebecca Ann said...

I am glad that you properly documented this said activity.

I am glad that we are different. Keeps things interesting.

I am glad that you wore about 5 different colors that day.

I am glad that I could be your co-pilot.

I am glad that you are brunette, emotional Sandra.

Really, I wouldn't change a thing.

Ally Kay said...

ha ha. I loved this. You are Sandra. The coolest Sandra alive. Hope you are doing well! Had a dream about pilar last night.
See you in a couple weeks when I move up to your nick of the woods.

becky bunnell said...

YOU POSTED!!! yes! finally!!! how fun! I miss you!