Wednesday, November 25, 2009

3rd post of the day, this one by popular request ;)

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We're here!
The CALIFORNIA letters were all peppermint-striped for Christmas,
way cute.

'Ze boyz

We were all glad Brent brought his Camelbak,
except for when he drank it so much he had to go potty all the time!

Here's the story:
Mark - Jen, I PROMISE, the front is the driest spot you can be.
Jen - You swear?
Mark - Would I lie? (he he he)

Rockin' the 3D glasses

Major red eye.
A sign that we should definitely NOT be going on this ride.
They don't call it Tower of Terror for nothin!

Space Mountain, I believe. Always a crowd-pleaser.

On the last day in the parks,
when it's dark and cold and no one is in line,
ride Splash Mountain over and over and over again just before you leave.

As Brent would say, "This is an incredible photo."


Court said...

We totally have the splash mountain tradition too!!!

becky bunnell said...

Sandra! I'm so glad that you posted! What fun pictures! I already miss you. Have fun working today.