Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something to be grateful for

If only there were more of her to go around.

Born in 1963
A true California girl
Married and sealed to Tim Dawson on December 19, 1981
Bachelor's from UVU, Master's from BYU
Mother of Wendy, Shauna, Sandra, and Mark

Hobbies include:
Social working it up in Pleasant Grove, Utah
Spending time with loved ones
Traveling whenever possible
Being awesome

She's an excellent maker of Nanaimo bars,
each year she recruits her daughters to help
because she has so many requests
she ends up making over twenty batches,
and if you don't know what they are,
go discover them and make your life a happier place.

A mother to more than her own children,
Charley is willing to expend comfort, advice, and food to almost anyone.

She has a distinguished laugh that makes you smile,
and she loves riding in her convertible with the top down.

Now I just realized,
I don't know if this sounds more like a eulogy, personal ad, or mini-bio,
but the point is, this Thanksgiving, among my many other blessings,
I'm grateful for Charley.

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Court said...

Sandi that is such a cute picture of you and your mom! She really is so great... Definitely something to be grateful for! :)

And now we need a D-land post! I wanna see pics!!

P.S. my word verification: "chali"... Sounds like "Charly", right? But the way the little British kid says it to his baby bro.