Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finals done, playtime begun

This semester is done! Woohoo! Every student at BYU is that much closer to graduation and 'real life'.

For me, the end of finals meant having time to hang out with Abby P. She's the dearest friend anyone could ever wish to ram their car into. Man, do I wish I had pictures of THAT!

It also meant making good on a New Year's Resolution. It was possibly the only resolution I've ever kept (yet) and I'm pretty sure it will always be one of my favorites. Going to all the Utah temples in 2008 was one good friend's outfit was another good friend's idea.

Logan, you were my last and my hardest, but you're beautiful and worth the wait.

Merry Christmas all!


Jessica said...

Your outfit was hott-t-t-t... but I think that Abby's hair might just be a little hotter.
Congrats on completing your resolution. What shall it be next year?

Abby Marie said...

REAL funny sandra (your comment on my blog). Also I laughed hard at your 'the dearest friend anyone could wish to ram her car into.' HAHAHAHAHAH. I'm glad we partied and now I have your blog so I will put the link on my blog and read it ALL THE TIME. I'm a real good stalker. he he he ha ha ha. Love you girl friend.

Jessica said...

Sandi. I miss you. Come visit.

Jessica said...

Sandi! I want to hear about your adventures in Espana!