Monday, December 8, 2008

Catch up!

Ok, so these pics are going to be all out of order, but bear with me. fishing!

And Idaho!

MAC Girls at the Reunion

Lauren and I are really happy to wake up this cold morning and go down some huge whitewater!

Twenty years old. Technically.

With my favorite skeleton in the whole world.

I'm wearing my green beanie, on the right side of the picture. And Lauren is smiling at me, probably because I'm freakin hilarious.


Howdy folks! It's been a while, a LONG while, since my last post.
Simply put, you haven't missed much. Moab was great, it's a place unlike anywhere else. Anyone who knows me knows I loved it down there.
I need to post some pictures from Costa Rica, I went there with Lauren at the end of the summer. We went with her sister Tamara, Tamara's friend Becky, and Mr. Remington Atwood.
After Costa Rica, I moved to my apartment in Provo at Stadium Terrace. If nothing else, the management is FANTASTIC here!
I couldn't stay away from Moab for long and went down for a couple weekends; once to work, once to run Westwater Canyon. We also had a Moab reunion at Scott's "cabin" in Midway.
I celebrated my 20th birthday after spending Halloween as a UNLV fan. Yikes!
I started donating plasma twice a week, I'll post a picture of my glory wounds...
Que mas?
Laur had never been to Idaho, so....ROAD TRIP!
Thanksgiving was a nice break from a semester that's been alternating between dull and overwhelming.
Now, I've got to push through these 2 weeks, make it past finals. Then there's Christmas, I'll be a bridesmaid at my dear pal Courtney Bean's wedding, and then I've got to get ready to go to Spain!
THEN maybe I might have something interesting to post :)
Oh, but first, how could I forget? Fishing! Fishing is always an interesting thing to post. Even if you don't catch anything. This was a highlight in the semester. In spite of the mosquitoes.

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Jessica said...

Sandi... you're hott. Let's do something amazingly fun together so that I can make it onto your blog.