Sunday, January 31, 2010

San Diego

Welcome. Let me give you the tour. You open the door and see this!
Walk in and to your left you'll see....

Our dining room! (We saved some money on our table....)
If you were to look on your right instead of left
when you walked in you'd see...

BRENT! Doing the dishes! In our KITCHEN!
Walk past the kitchen and on your right you'll see...

Our living room! Not fully organized yet...

Starting to make sense?

So our "bedroom" is adjacent to the living room.
From the front door, you walk in, past the dining room
and it's on your left!
Don't ask me why I'm posting a picture of it when it's so messy... when I took it I was so pleased we had unpacked, everything looked clean to me... at least there are vacuum lines on the carpet, focus on those.

We love our walk-in closet! I gave Brent almost half of it!
He said, "I get ALL this?!" And he meant it, he was expecting much less :)

And our bathroom... the shower curtain has since been raised to an appropriate height.

I work on the 6th floor of a building in downtown, and I love the view!
You can see a tiny sliver of water between the buildings.

I sit here and answer phone calls and schedule appointments when I'm not in the back doing exercises with the therapists and clients.
The plants all have names, I've forgotten most of them, but I know the one on the left is Bernadette.

So on Wednesday, we got all ready to go to the San Diego Temple.... but it's closed for cleaning until the 8th of February. Oops!
So we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond instead.

Friday was Brent's birthday! I let him sleep in while I went for my first California driving adventure in search of an appropriate birthday breakfast...

It took about a half an hour on the phone to make this happen, but it was worth it!

We were determined to go the temple before the month ended, so on Saturday we drove an hour and a half to the Newport Beach Temple. It was gorgeous!

Besides the Krispy Kreme and Papa John's, (which don't really count cause it was birthday food) we didn't go out to eat all week, and we were pretty hungry after the temple... it was inevitable really.

I'm in the very front, Brent's right behind me. (We didn't want to get wet) About 15 minutes from the temple is a magical place called Disneyland, I'm sure some of you have heard about it... We splurged and got annual passes. We figured we'd just have to force ourselves to go enough to make it worth it. What's nice, though, is that we live in Southern California now, and hence, were eligible to purchase the SoCal annual pass! Unfortunately, we didn't have any proof of address, but fortunately, the lady just had us tell her our address and she gave 'em to us!

For anyone familiar with my hiccups: After a ride, we walked off and I, you know, hiccuped. We were behind a group of teenagers and you know what happened next? They all started echoing me! One after the next, it was a chorus of hiccups. They didn't turn around and laugh or anything, they just kept imitating the sound. It was pretty strange. Brent just informed me the ride was Indiana Jones. Must've been a memorable moment.


California Dreamin':

A couple nights ago, I had a crazy dream about ants.

They were inside my skin, on my chest, a bunch of 'em. (Have you ever seen Mummy, where you can see the beetles crawl around under the guy's skin? It was like that.) And in my dream, I was FLIPPIN' out! Then, all the ants gathered and I could see them moving down my left arm, into the palm of my hand, forming an under-skin anthill.

In this dream, Brent was driving, and I kept trying to show him the ants in my skin and he kept asking what was wrong and I'm thinking, "Isn't it OBVIOUS?" So I got frustrated and yelled, "I'm not talking to you anymore!" The ants began to chew through the skin around the border of the base and when they had just finished coming full circle, I grabbed the sack of ants and threw it out the window. Sick, I know.

So I woke up and told Brent and he goes, "Ohhh!" Because apparently I had been mumbling in my sleep, and he was trying to ask me what was wrong, and then I just yelled at him, "I'm not talking to you anymore!"


Well, folks, that's about it for this week. We are both looking for jobs, still. Brent's working hard at his online classes. I'm working hard at my internship. And we have a blast at home, making meals and watching TV and movies. We would be goners if it weren't for the GPS we got ourselves for Christmas. We went to our ward today, it's definitely, well, a new ward, but I'm sure we'll get used to it! We miss you, we love you, and we'd love to see you and hear from you!


becky bunnell said...

How much do I miss you and am jealous of your new life?!?!?!? Seriously. HOw fun to start new with a man that you love. Your apartment is adorable - don't worry i focused on the vacuum line (the ultimate sign of clean). Good luck with the job search, and PLEASE keep posting.

cameron & lauren said...

i also TRIED to focus on the vaccuum lines, but the room was just too horrific. After I gagged a little I proceded through the rest of the pictures and found that your apartment is very cute. Good job, sand. and nice victoria secret boxes in the closet. i guess it's not a secret anymore.

*Shauna Bauna* said...

Your apartment is SO cute. I couldn't be more proud of you putting it all together and giving Brent so much closet space! You're a real woman now, it's insane!!! Love and miss you :)

Collette said...

Love those vacuum lines! Good job sweety

Ally Kay said...

Love this post. And I think I need to remind you of another talking in Sandra's sleep incident. Not the trifecta because that wasn't talking really at all, but rather the time when, at 2 am, you whisper-yelled... "I'm Scared! Allyson, I'm really scared." I calmly responded, 'Do you want me to come over there or something?' You quickly said, "No, Allyson, stay right where you are." And then briskly went back to sleep. Good times. P.S you're life looks like a fairy tale. I'm jealous. Love you. Miss you.

Harding Gang said...

Sandi! I miss U; but I'm so glad U guys are having fun starting your new life together. I love your apartment, your office view, and especially Bernedette! You're hiccups are 'da bomb!' (aren't teenagers just so annoying? good thing we never were those:) I love your dream! Mine are always so vivid too. Poor Brent he probably didn't even think you were sleep talking:)Keep Posting babe!

*Shauna Bauna* said...

Oh my gosh, your ant story just made my day! I'm sitting here, bored at work so I read your stupid long story and discover that it's worth it because nothing has made me laugh all day! Good job. I must admit that I first found humor in your story above though. You know, the one where the teenagers were mocking your hiccups. Shows you I'm in sync with the rest of the world, you simply can't escape me!!! Ba hahahahaha! Love you :)