Monday, January 25, 2010


Our first honeymoon pic. I don't know why we didn't get any at the lodge, but this is where we started taking out the camera. Somewhere between Orem and San Diego, this pup is cruisin!

Elegant night on the cruise.

My new handstand photo buddy.
p.s. Our ship is not the big one in the middle, but farther back,
you can just see it on the left.

Just before we went parasailing! My lifejacket was HUGE. Not very reassuring.



We got off the ship pretty early Sunday morning, and spent the rest of the day driving around San Diego, exploring for Costco's, Wal-mart's and Target's. It was way fun, but terribly exhausting.

We got this dolly at Costco for 20 bucks. It greatly aided the unloading of our car.... it's a long walk down the hallway to our apartment when your arms are full. On top you'll note a Little Caesar's pizza box. When we passed it, Brent's eyes lit up like it was Christmas so we bought one.... and the lady told Brent she was looking for a girl to hire part time who can speak a little Spanish! Yeah, I know. It's Little Caesar's. But a job is a job and if nothing else is available, we'll be grateful for a little extra cash. Assuming I even get hired. But anyways.... it was exciting.

A couple (ok, a few) highlights:

Got seated with a group of older people for breakfast one day, and as we left them with their oatmeal (literally) to go on our parasailing adventure, someone said, "Cute couple!" I could have turned around and kissed them, but I refrained.

It took Brent and I about half the glass to decide that the virgin pina coladas we had ordered were anything but.

A skinny, tan, beautiful young woman who sat in the hot tub with us one night said, "Comedy, is like, SO funny." Genius.

A man in the market said, "You must be on your honeymoon. And that must be why you look tired and she looks happy."

Another man in the market was going to give us some sunglasses for 15 down from 18, but then accepted 10 because we were Mormons. Said he'd like to find himself a nice Mormon girlfriend.

Our parasail boat driver pointed to Brent's wedding ring, then grabbed a rope, threw it over a pole above his head, and proceeded to act out his own hanging, tying a noose around his neck and making dead faces.

We were waiting for dinner one night, and it was cold, and Brent was hugging me, I was wrapped inside his jacket a little bit. An old man passed, slugged Brent on the shoulder and said, "I didn't see anything, keep going!"


*Shauna Bauna* said...

oh man Sandi, you crack me up. Sounds like you're having the experience of a lifetime, I am very happy for you guys!! Awesome stories! :)

Rebecca Ann said...

Good work posting in a speedy manner.

Can't wait to talk to you soon.

You've inspired me. Or Brent inspired Wes. Either way. It's all good.

I miss you! You realize you live in CA now. That sucks.

B and T said...

You are so funny! I love the pictures! we love you guys and are excited for you!

Jessica said...

BAHAHA! I love this! And I love you. And I wish you were in Provo, although that's pretty selfish of me.

Harding Gang said...

Sandi! You are "like, SO funny!" I can't stand it! I keep laughing out loud at your hilarity:) We are totally jealous of your awesome trip. I'm glad your home safe and sound now. Love your new apartment pics! Congrats again! Love you!

Ally Kay said...

Definitely approve of the new handstand partner. And I laughed my head off at your list of hilarious happenings. Congrats on being the cutest couple ever. Your wedding was gorgeous. You are gorgeous. Miss you, Sandra. P.S. when i'm on my mish. I'll wish every comp was you.

Collette said...

You are adorable. And hilarious. But I want to that the best part? LOL hugs!