Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Volleyball Update

K, guys, we're up to 11 team members on the roster! Sweet! I know it seems like a ton but it'll be nice on days when not everyone can show up. If we do have 11 people every time, we'll just take turns, it'll be a blast.

Cort, if your guy friend wants on, I need his Net ID.

First game is THIS Friday, 6:15. Come a little early and maybe we can do some warm-ups and make sure everything is good to go. If anyone is serious enough to want to do extra practice, let me know and we'll see how many people are interested.

Jessica, you and Marie can join if you'd like! But I do think we need to get together one way or another!

Questions? Comments?

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Sandi... in all seriousness, I love you too much to be on your volleyball team. In fact, because I love you, I'll join the team playing against you. My ability (or lack of) is a tragedy. I'll let Marie, know, however, and maybe I can go to cheer you on or something...