Sunday, September 6, 2009

bAck to the MAC!

from - Moab.

it's labor day weekend and this city is hoppin. long hours and free food have never made a better team. strawberry banana bolthouse has never been so refreshing. the sunset safari has never had better company. (except for maybe rog-a-roni, who came last year...and is now 4, woo hoo)
(Translation: Life is good.)

take a step back. cougars. B-y-u, b-Y-u, b-y-U! Ra ra, ra-ra-ra, Ra ra, ra-ra-ra! gooooOOOOO COUGARS!!! Better luck next time, Sooners. (Translation: No. 20 BYU upsets No. 3 Oklahoma in a brand new stadium, 14-13, the fans watched live, Jacobson is back, and it's gonna be a good season.)

take a step back. Killers. Ingrid Michaelson. Family. Isn't it about time? (Translation: I have been to two concerts. The Wiggles. The Fray. It's been two years. I'm going to two more concerts in two months. Killers with bro and bro-in-law. Ingrid with sis and sis. We shall party like the stars of rock.)

take a step back. Volleyball. ACSM Cert. Springboard Diving. Swimming. Marriage/Family Prep. NASM Cert. Personal Finance. Scuba diving. (Translation: Senior year at BYU is looking good.)

*I truly enjoy reading all your blogs. If I don't have yours posted on the right hand side of mine, tell me your url so I can add it. I promise to add pictures one day and think of something witty or intelligent to share instead of just these random journal-y posts.....ciao


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! I'm going to the Ingrid Michaelson concert! October, right? At the Avalon? I'm so excited! And I'm even more excited that you're going to be there! YAY!

becky bunnell said...

I am jealous of both of you! Who wants to take me?
Don't worry Sandy your not one of my challenges, he he.
I heard you laugh in the sea of people in personal finance yesterday - it made my day!