Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Funeral

Ok. I know it's morbid. But this is completely hypothetical.

If I die within the next few years, I think I want this song played at my funeral! (Ok, maybe not seriously seriously, but maybe!)

The thing is, this is kind of a goofy song. Kind of weird. Like me. And not everyone gets it. But I do.

So I'm going to give you a play by play commentary on why this song is so awesome. Especially for my funeral.

"If I had my time again, I would do it all the same. And not change a single thing, even when I was to blame." I have done a lot of fun things, I would live my life the same way, and even though I made some mistakes, the theory is that you learn from them, and every experience is a part of your development. It's what makes you YOU.

"How I love to be your (wo)man, through the laughter and the tears." I love laughing til I cry and crying til I laugh, and to have THOSE kinds of experiences with friends and family are some of my favorite memories.

"Rush for a change of atmosphere" I'm the kind of girl who wants to experience every kind of scenery, situation, ATMOSPHERE. From moving to a different side of campus every year, to Moab and to Spain, I like to experience the different lives this world has to offer.

"I can't go on so I give in" Typical Sandra. "Gotta get myself right out of here."

Enter fun piano.

"Now I'm fully grown, and I know where it's at." From experience comes...knowledge. Taste the different atmospheres and you find your true home.

"Somehow I stayed thin, while the other guys got fat." That's just funny. (Plus, the drums are kickin it in the back)

"All the chances that are blown, and the times that I've been down" Another good line from another song: It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along.

"I didn't get too high, kept my feet on the ground." One of my favorite quotes: Manage your expectations.

There are so many things going on in the back, piano, guitar, drums, it's so funky, I love it.

Enter funny Englishmen. First, the singer goes nuts, and he actually sounds like me, how I sing, in the car. Best line? "Mm, I wish I could sing like that."

Now the song changes. I love when songs change their feel halfway through. And this one even goes back. But life is like that, sometimes we whistle different tunes so to speak.

This part with the organ, can you feel the bounce in it? This is when the pall bearers start moving my casket, and they bounce to the beat as they carry me to the hearse. "A time to cry and a time to laugh." And by this part in the song, no one will be sad that I'm dead, they'll just be laughing and thinking, "Stupid hilarious Sandra, what the freak is this song?"

Then there's like, this 80's piano or something, I don't know... and it sounds like my soul is rising to heaven.

"And of all my friends, you been the best to me" This is to make everyone in the congregation feel like I'm grateful for them coming, and for those who are really close to me, each one of them will think that that line is for them, and they'll be right.

"Soon will be the day, when I repay you handsomely" Like, cause I'm an angel, now, get it? I'll send you a cute date, or shorten the line at the DMV, other little things that I can do from the beyond. And when something goes right in your day, you'll wonder if that was because I pulled a string for you with the Big Guy.

"Broken hearts are hearts 'll mend." This is for y'all to know that it's ok to be sad, but you'll get over it.

"But life just carries on, even when I'm not there."

Now, during the chorus, it sounds like a plane is taking off, this is my soul REALLY leaving and going to heaven (or the other place) as it says ,"Gotta get myself right outta here."

Cool, right?



Rebecca Ann said...

I'll play it for you. But I'm supposed to be dead too right?

Ski Dawson said...

I just saw your response back to me on YOUR blog, so I'm responding back to you on MY blog. I remember how it works now.

Um...why are YOU dead? You're the perfect image of health, you're supposed to live to be 127. We died together, didn't we?

Flying to Canada? Murdered in St. George? Did you take a bullet for me? You would. Did I do something stupid like walk in front of a bus?