Monday, July 14, 2008

Family First

The Whole Crew (well, almost)
Hooray for no carnage! (well, almost)

On the Sunset Hummer, Hell's Revenge

Our Little BeeKeeper


Rebecca Ann said...

Aren't families the greatest? Yours is adorable by the way. My only regret about being here is not being about to talk more with you! I'm sorry I'm such a slacker. I will make it up in about 2 months with some good old fashioned lovin. hahahah. Can't wait to see you. And basically I scored with the orange t-shirts. Be good, or good at it.

Rebecca Ann said...

What the h? She is getting married? Is this a real thing? Ok, then you and I are planning a trip together to Washington. I'm already excited about it. Did you get my e-mail? As for your conscience, no worries. I think I have an extra one for you. hahaha. Have I already told you a million times I am stoked to live with you? I hope you are laughing. Remember how you were totally flirting slash hitting on the little 16 year old at the gym? I just chuckled. I was thinking of something more intimate... Don't ever leave me.