Friday, May 16, 2008

Land of Food

I had an interesting experience today. I paid 9 dollars, about the amount I would expect to pay for a nice dinner at a restaurant, on grapes. Grapes! For the same price I would pay to get 3 junior bacon cheeseburgers, a drink, two orders of fries, a chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, and a frosty at Wendy's, I received approximately four servings of grapes.

Looks like it's time to buy some seeds and plant some produce. No, not so I can have cheap fruits and vegetables at my disposal, so I can become a millionare. While I'm at it, I can buy chickens to sell ridiculously expensive eggs, and of course, a cow for milk and steak. Farmers have it good.

And we wonder why people in this country choose the drive through.


Miss Weiler's Health Class said...

Wow. Way to stick to produce. I would never pay bucks for grapes.

Miss Weiler's Health Class said...

...and by "bucks", I meant "nine bucks."